Megan Kelly: I want to have Roger Ailes’ Baby

Facing historic low readership of his blog, The Tom is plunging the depths to get provocative content to remedy this problem.

At these depths, The Tom has encountered faux Journalist and former Clinton Campaign and Whitehouse operative  George Stephanopoulos who couldn’t recognize a conflict of interest if it hit him between the eyes,  Next at the depths was Gloria Allred with her prepackaged complaints about men begging for somebody from ancient history to read the tearful text.  Just insert Bob Filner, the Cos, the Donald in her prepackaged shtick.

How delightful was it for Tom to encounter Megan Kelly who just added a sexual harassment chapter on Roger Ailes to her book :Settle for More”  The multi-tasking Ms. Kelly is also negotiating for a $20 contract with Fox.

Did Tom hear her say “If I can’t have The Donald’s baby I want to have Roger Ailes’ baby”?

Executive Editor Tom to The Tom, “Let’s go with it, it could boost readership”.


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  1. Getting ready for this to go viral!

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