The case for Hillary Rodman Clinton

The saying goes that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

With Clinton there is a lot of past performance which you may find favorable.  This includes:  cattle future killings, Whitewater, Rose La Firm billing records, TravelGate, HillaryCare, under enemy fire on Bosnia tarmac, voting for Iraq war, spending lots of money traveling as Secretary of State, Benghazi inaction, unrest in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq, Arab Spring, Iran Nuclear deal, Russian Re-set, $250,000 speeches, private email server, failure to secure confidential information, violation of Federal Records laws, Clinton Foundation conflicts, and wildly conflicting stories about email and her testimony.

While having an ethical accomplished woman as President would be nice, the question is why her? and Why now?

The is no vision.  The case for her retirement is overwhelming.

Don’t worry Hillary, nobody reads this.

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2 Responses to The case for Hillary Rodman Clinton

  1. Boom! There goes the vote!!

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