Hillary’s fierey new Agent inks high profile deals

Since signing on with Tom’s Talent Agency in the early morning of November 9, 2016, Hillary Rodman Clinton is hot again.

The fiery Alt-Right Tom has inked a slew of blockbuster deals for America’s darling.  First up is a gig on Season 24 of “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS).  She will be paired up with two to three beefy Secret Service Agency who will guide her by the elbow as she dances up a storm.

Next up is an exclusive deal to appear as a contestant on Season 9 of the”Celebrity Apprentice”.  She is expected to recreate the role of famed contestant Omarosa and also translate the mumblings of host Arnold Schwarzenegger.  With a record $Billion + raised for her campaign, she may set “Celebrity Apprentice” records.

Finally to halt sagging ratings, Hillary will replace Tea Leoni in Season 4 of “Madam Secretary”.  In this, role she will bring new meaning to “Extreme Carelessness”.

“We have hit the trifecta”, gloated Tom.


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    • tom says:

      Nice try. but there has never been a Star or a Celebrity on either DWTS or Celebrity apprentice so she fits like a glove.

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