Tom assures reader(s) that this Blog will continue to profit from fake news

Tom called a major news conference to clarify his position on Fake News.  This is an issue that has Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of Google scrambling for cover as for years they have reaped huge advertising profits off of fake news.

Tom reassured the assembled masses that he is willing and able to take in more fake news and sell ads to the highest bidders.  The blog always has an always will be a premier source for fake news.  We will not compromise.

How fake can it be if it brings in real money.


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7 Responses to Tom assures reader(s) that this Blog will continue to profit from fake news

  1. You’re a real mensch!

  2. I love how Zuck declared there was no fake news on Facebook. Then his own people formed a taskforce behind his back. Now HE is leading the charge! (After all, don’ you spell “fake news” as F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K? Though I did love Stephen Colbert refer to Zuck as “the famous Jesse Eisenberg impersonator”. 😀

    (And dude, seriously, the ONLY thing I’ve ever found deplorable about you is choosing to follow me. Besides, I’m equal opportunity – I piss EVERYBODY off. Friends again?)

    • tom says:

      They turned the Fake News problem over to an Algorithm which nobody understands and has less accountability than a Committee. You don’t have to love The Donald to be my friend 🙂 But it helps. Seriously hope your money stretches.

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