Is Hillary on the Short List for Seretary of State?

Sources in the Trump Transition Team are saying that Hillary Rodman Clinton is emerging as a rival to Mitt Tomney as Secretary of State.

First and foremost, we already have a Madam Secretary on TV so we wouldn’t have to reinvent this tortured concept.  Second The Donald could put her on a plane and let her break her previous record for miles flown.  Of course she may not be available until after she and Jill Stein finish recounting all 125 million votes cast.  They should finish the vote recount during the second term of the Pence Administration.

Some would say that the Mitt Tomney hair and jaw line make him the most viable candidate.

Others are supporting the infamous bomb thrower The Tom for the position.  The Tom is touting his diplomatic chops as a cross between Henry Kissinger and Vladimir Putin.

Others think the die has been cast.


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3 Responses to Is Hillary on the Short List for Seretary of State?

  1. Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom….!

  2. “A cross between Putin and Kissinger”. Why am I picturing hundreds of translators committing suicide?

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