Hillary takes own advice and rekindles her Presidential campaign

After considerable soul-searching, Hillary Rodman Clinton was drawn to a phrase from her concession speech.  Her spirits soared as she remember the part where she said that when life deals you a tough blow ” get up, dust yourself off” and start recounting every last vote.

First order of business is to order the elimination of all ballots cast by Deplorables and the new Boogeyman,  Alt-Right.

With that accomplished, all that is left is to find the one Progressive who mistakenly voted for Trump and put him through a re-education camp.

“God. I love that dingbat Jill Stein”, gushed a glowing Hillary.

“I think I can get my hands as a consultant on some of that Green Party ‘Green'”  trumpeted The Tom.












after this the only thingleft to do is to find the One


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  1. Apparently you’ve never played Dungeons And Dragons, or you would recognise that old ploy of “to accomplish the impossible, roll two dice and pray”. C’mon, double zeroes!

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