Tom wishes Kanye a speedy recovery

Tom is ecstatic that Kayne East has been released from the hospital for a lack of sleep.

Tom said we need Kayne for his catchy tunes, boss sneakers and TMZ file footage.

Tom was joined in the heart felt wish by many of TomVille finest including:  Barack O’TomA, Hillary Rodman Clinton, Kim KardASSian, TommySue, Kim Jong Eun, The Tom, Mitt Tomney, and Neutron Tom just to name a few.


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5 Responses to Tom wishes Kanye a speedy recovery

  1. I do worry so about Kanye. I was on the phone with Kim all night last night.

  2. Ya know, ol’ Goody Green Gore needs to meet with Kanye, not the Donald. If Gore could harness crazy, we’d all have free fuel AND no nasty emissions. You know, like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, Kanye performances ……

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