Major Transition Team problem identified by ABC

George Clintonopoulos on on  ABC’s This Week exposed a major problem for the Trump Transition.  He opined that Trump was running out of Generals, Admirals and Goldman Sachs employees to appoint.  There are only 498 Generals and 160 Admirals on active duty.  Doubling the numbers to account for retired flag officers, the pool is only 1,974.  For Goldman Sachs with 32,900 employees the pool of active and alums totals only 98,700.

Tom was immediately summoned to Trump Tower where a normally unflappable Vice President Elect and Transition Chairman  Mike  Pence was in a state of panic.  Tom was dispatched to make his recommendations.

Quickly Tom presented his solution.  First, the Team must include Hillary Rodman Clinton and Burnie Sanders as they are uniquely qualified to sniff out Goldman Sachs DNA.  Next, the Team must expand to military pool by including Colonels such as Col. Moammar Gadhafi and Fidel Castro.  Tom was rushed to the Board Room where The Donald had his finger on his twitter feed trigger.

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