Still the Number 1 source for Fake News

It was with great pride that Tom announced at his news conference that he is still the undisputed leader in Fake News.  As Zuckerberg and other money grubbers disavow Fake News and reap the profits, Tom maintains his Fake news integrity.

Just to refresh your memory, the following are some of Tom’s Fake News highlights.

  • All polls point to a landslide victory by Hillary Rodman Clinton
  • The people will ignore Clinton’s dishonesty and email scandal in order to put a woman in the White House
  • Support for LGBTQ issues is so wide and deep that Americans can not get enough of this coverage
  • Americans want a bathroom civil war so 4 year olds can express their sexual identity
  • Americans want to see more abortions and support more money for Planned Parenthood to reach this goal
  • Americans want to pay so other people’s children so  can have free tuition while they pay high tuition costs
  • Americans want the Minimum Wage to rise to the level to support a $20 Big Mac
  • Americans need a tax increase
  • Putin made her do it and cost her the victory she so richly deserved

Tom roared, “We are Number 1”


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