Who is Steve BanTom?

Steve BanTom is so evil, so dark and so dangerous that even Republicans fear him.  He is 16 X more dangerous than even the (shudder) Koch brothers.  Only The Donald is dark enough to employ this evil mystery man.

Never has one man had such a dark career resume that includes the dark arts of Naval Officer, Goldman Sachs Banker, Movie Producer and (shudder) Journalist.

Steve BanTom must be the man who pushes grandmothers over the cliff in their wheelchairs while dismantling ObamaCare.   Incredibly he accomplishes all this evil without ever having  been seen or heard.  Steve BanTom may be the only person who is  as dark and dangerous as Tom himself.  But is he darker than Richard Nixon or the Alt.-Right?  By a country mile!!

Image result for evil

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