e-Commerce…Its time has come and now it is time to go

e-Commerce, on-line shopping etc.  has come and clearly it should move on to the dust bin of history.

Start with the obvious.  Much of the stuff that is purchased on-line doesn’t fit or is of dubious quality.

Next we have all the UPS and Fed-Ex trucks racing around with deliveries.  What they really deliver is noise pollution, air pollution, and carbon emissions.

Packages left on doorsteps has presented golden opportunities for even the most dimwitted petty criminal.

And last but not least is credit card fraud.  Since the adoption of the irritating chip credit cards, the crooks have moved smartly over to e-Commerce where there is no card to show.  Credit card fraud is up 42%.  And who do you think pays for this.  Right, we all do.

Lets go old school and return to the Malls where we belong.  I would love to tell Jeff Bezos, “You are history”.

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  1. Ah, yes, good old malls.

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