Was Barack wiretapping The Tom rather than The Donald?

We now conclusively know beyond a shadow of any doubt that The Barack O’TomA’s Administration did not wiretap The Donald.  How do we know this with such absolute confidence?  We know it because the secretive CIA, FBI and NSA say it didn’t happen and the Media blessed their denials.  The fact that is if they did wiretap The Donald they might have to spend time in the slammer.  But of course they would prefer jail if it helped getting the truth out.

By wiretapping The Tom they have access to The Donald as an incidental finding.  In addition access to The Tom is most valuable to The Donald and the O’TomA crew as The Tom is the only person alive who is able to translate the intellectual Kryptonite straight from the mind of Steve BanTom.  For security reasons, The Tom is now in hiding in the Tom Towers.

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  1. And I’m sure they’ll never find you…

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