While The Donald hit Syria, The Tom readied his assault

Last night The Donald showed he wasn’t Pussyfooting around like Barack O’TomA as he ordered 59 TOMahawk Cruise Missiles for delivery to a Syrian airfield in retaliation for Syria’s use of saran gas.

In a statement The Donald declared that this attack should ensure that LAX will no longer be the worst airport in the world.

Behind the scenes, The Tom readied 48 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to fire across the aisle at Chuckie Schumer and his troops.  The Tom also held 2 missiles in reserve if John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Susan Collins continue to get in the way.

The Tom has also ordered 193 TOMahawk Cruise Missiles  to fire across the aisle in the House of Representatives.  In this case,  The Tom will keep an additional 35 on hand if needed for the Freedom Caucus.

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