Rev. Tom celebrates the Death of Critical Thinking

Rev. Tom has joined in the trend of Celebrating the life of a person who has died.  In this case,  Rev. Tom will be celebrating the Death of Critical Thinking.  The exact date that critical thinking is not known, but most observers believe it was late 2016 or early 2017.  High on the agenda of those who killed critical thinking was opposition to Donald Trump. They rightly calibrated that critical thinking was already so tenuous that anything or any wild allegations could pass for hard news.

Politicians promised free college for lower and upper middle class students knowing that this would be paid for by a bunch of working class kids who preferred not to go to college.  The colleges and universities did their part by rewarding students who could parrot back propaganda.  And of course the bottom line is that nothing is “free”

Of course Fakebook tied it all together in a neet package which anybody believed if accompanied by good-looking selfies.

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