Barack is Baaaaaaaaaack

Barack O’TomA couldn’t even wait 100 days to return to the public square to save us.  Why couldn’t he follow the lead of George W. Bush and keep quiet?   In his speech and panel at the University of Chicago, he lamented that he didn’t bring the country closer together.  Evidently, he must have inadvertently forgotten his 8 years to pitting groups against each other for political gain.  Remember gays against straights, old male trans against little girls and their parents, blacks against the police, blacks against whites, college students against working class kids, everybody against the wealthy,  everybody against the Banks, women against men, and Democrats against Republicans.

The Tom can only see this as conversion.  Please shield the innocent like The Donald

Image result for obama at university of chicago

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2 Responses to Barack is Baaaaaaaaaack

  1. Ah, the good old days!

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