LaTom challenges Big Baller LaVar Ball

Throwing down the gauntlet, LaTom is getting right in the grill of nightmare helicopter Dad LaVar Ball and his Big Baller sneaker produced for his son UCLA dropout Lonzo Ball.

When LaTom learned that LaVar set a price point of $495 for the signature sneaker, LaTom knew that he could crush the obnoxious LaVar.  LaTom priced his signature sneaker, The Blog” at $1,000 per copy with production costs south of $9.99.

“Bring it on” bellowed LaTom

Image result for big baller sneaker


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2 Responses to LaTom challenges Big Baller LaVar Ball

  1. Wow, that’s some sneaker…and yet I’m not sure why…

    • tom says:

      We are looking to add a Heavy Metal Sneaker to the line. Any suggestions at a $1,999.99 price point?

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