Style consultant Tom recommends Rompers for Men — Romphims

Ever the fashion forward voice, Tom is recommending Rompers to his political clients who always want to be ahead of the trends.  On the domestic side, Tom is recommending rompers for The Donald, Chuckie Schumer, Adam Schiffless, John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

Tom is also recommending Rompers for his international clients including Kim Jong-Tom, Vlad “The Bad” Putin and Moammar Gadhifi.

Ever theRompers are essentially one-piece jumpers, usually worn by kids or women, but apparently some men are feeling left out.

via Rompers for men are now a thing (and yes, it’s as bad as it sounds) —


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4 Responses to Style consultant Tom recommends Rompers for Men — Romphims

  1. Rockin’ those rompers!

  2. Karisa Myla says:

    Haha I’d love to see them wear rompers

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