J. Edgar Comey attempts to bring down The Tom

With a dogged determination, J. Edgar Comey, an unelected subordinate, is attempting to bring down The Tom.  J. Edgar is approaching it with a determination worthy of a brick by brick dismantling of the Tom Tower.

In his arsenal, J. Edgar has a memo to himself which he had leaked to the Press.  Now some might wonder if a person who had to write memos to themselves might be called paranoid.  Second, could there possibly be a more biased source of information about what happened to oneself than oneself?  Most supervisors who have supervised these self-documenting employees know that more often than not the self documentation is not accurate.

The Tom thinks it is well past time to hang J. Edgar Comey’s picture at FBI Headquarters with dates of service and move on.  Memo to J. Edgar Comey:  Your 15 Minutes of Fame are over.

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