Tom greenlights a reboot of the FBI Files starring J. Edgar Comey

Tom is proud to announce that he has approved production of the new FBI files titled the ” C.Y.A. FBI Files” staring J. Edgar Comey.  Tom says that the new show will be a riveting reboot of the Discovery Channel series that ran from 1998 to 2006.

In the new show, you will learn of all the ways that J. Edgar used to Cover his Ass (CYA).  As a teaser, Tom has released previews of the first show where Director J. Edgar meets Tom in the restroom and immediately dashes to FBI Headquarters to document Tom saying Hi and J. Edgar clamming to say Hello. Then J. Edgar gives a copy of his memo to self to some obscure lawyer to give Lawyer-client privilege and who then gives it to the Press.  It depends what your definition of a leak is,

In the final scene with pens blazing, J. Edgar slips accountability yet again. (clearing Boston Marathon brothers, clearing Nidal Hasan, clearing Khmud Khan Rahawi, clearing Omar Mateen and clearing Hillary Rodman Clinton twice).  This is definitely Must See TV.

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  1. Sounds riveting but you should have announced there would be a spoiler alert!

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