Tom is ordered to tell Barack he is not President anymore and more…

The Tom has received his marching orders with the first order of business to tell Barack O’TomA that he is no longer President.  “But how can this be true as all world leaders love him.  He is so good-looking.  He is such a smooth talker.  He has continued to act as President”, asked a plaintiff Tom.  “What did I do to deserve this fate?” groused Tom,

But wait, there is more.  The next task is to tell Hillary Rodman Clinton that she did not win the election.  Then he must Tell Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that they lost the Senate and the House.  Next Tom has to tell Adam Schiffless that the nation is sick of seeing him and all his Russian nonsense.

Finally, The Tom is commanded to seek out Federal Judges who gloated as they issued nationwide preliminary injunctions against the Trump Travel ban,  based on campaign rhetoric and not the law,  that the Supreme Court is coming down on the Trump side of the argument.  These Federal Judges can advise their Appeals court if they so choose.

The last person to be handed such a difficult To Do list was Hercules.

Image result for hercules


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2 Responses to Tom is ordered to tell Barack he is not President anymore and more…

  1. I think the Tom was also ordered to tell most American housewives that they look fat in those jeans.

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