Breaking News: The Tom’s involvement with Russians confirmed

TNN (TomVille News Network) has just learned from unnamed sources that the Intelligence community has proof of Tom’s involvement with the Russians.  Surely this is the smoking gun that will sink the buoyant Tom.  Rank Member Adam Schiffless said he knew it all the time.  However the back booth at the TomVille Tavern was so dark that the Intelligence Community was unable to tell if Tom was having a tryst with Kim KardASSian or huddling on strategy with Nancy Pelosi.

Tom’s involvement included a White Russian and a Black Russian.

Image result for white russian   Image result for black russian drink



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5 Responses to Breaking News: The Tom’s involvement with Russians confirmed

  1. Sounds about right!

    • tom says:

      Due to your interest, I will send you the final official report with pictures. Although I hear it has all been redacted.

  2. Fake news!! I have the recordings!

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