Where do The Tom’s Tweets Rank?

Everybody has their underwear in a knot over The Tom’s Tweets.  Everybody in the world is expected, no demanded, to speak out against The Tom.  But where exactly were these same pundits when Barack O’TomA was going from Sea to Shining Sea telling folks there can keep their health insurance, they can keep their Doctor and will save $2,100 per/year.

The Tom had to take down CNN in a Tweet for View because no other News Organization would investigate their coverage or even condemn the story that had to be pulled and led to three being fired.  Obviously if they started down that road they would find themselves investigation subjects.

And poor helpless Mika who has been hounding The Tom in the crudest terms for a year and a half and now wants to play the woman’s card.

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“Let the fin begin” chortled The Tom



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  1. Poor Tom… so misunderstood!

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