Breaking News: Analysis of Trump-CNN Tweet is complete

Attention John Dickerson (Dem.), Chuck Todd (Dem,), Judy “no MacNeil-Leher” Woodruff and George Clintonoopulos, Tom has completed the definitive scientific analysis  of the Trump=CNN Wrestling Tweet.  Included in this exhaustive study was a frame-by-frame analysis of the tweet and numerous focus groups in central, suburban and rural TomVille.  Tom says that the only possible right thinking Americans can conclude is that the Tweet was a JOKE.

With this matter finally settled the above media stars can stop with the leading questions trying to get people to think it is anything other than a joke.

Tom will be available as a speaker on this subject at the usual $325.000 per speech.

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  1. Selling yourself short, as usual.

    • tom says:

      With 7.5 billion people against The Donald and The Tom as his only supporter it is a lonely road. but we soldier on.

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