Preempting Adam Schiffless, The Tom bans Russian Rye

Moving at incredible speed, The Tom preempted Rank Member Adam Schiffless and banned Russian Rye before Schiffless could even start one of his innuendo campaigns.

Tom said the evidence for the ban had nothing to do with Donald Jr.’s meeting with the Russians and all about the product.  The cellophane wrap is difficult to seal and unseal.  The little sticker loses sticking before the loaf is finished.  The first few slices don’t fit into the toaster and the last few are too small to toast.  We don’t know where the bakery is.

“Let’s make Rye great again”, roared The Tom

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2 Responses to Preempting Adam Schiffless, The Tom bans Russian Rye

  1. Rye was never my favorite.. but let’s not tell the Russians that!

    • tom says:

      Your secret is safe with me unless you are the 7th person in the Rye Bread meeting with Don Jr, at Trump Tower.

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