Tom plots the career resurgance of Charlie Rose (RCG)

Tom is feverishly working on a plan for the resurgence of Charlie  Rose (Roe Colored Glasses) career.

As part of the process, Tom has prepared a list of potential career assets for Charlie to decide to emphasize.  Initial brainstorming has come up with the following assets.

a) Charlie’s guests are smarter than the rest of America.

b) Charlie is much smarter than his guests.

c) He loves Barack O’TomA

d) He hates The Donald.

e) He can see mental flaws in The Donald that he can’t see in himself.

f) He is the smartest man in America

g) High potential to be the next America’s Top Bathrobe model

h) b  &  f

i) All of the above.

“There is no limit to how much we can milk this account” chortled Tom.

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