The Tom has reluctantly come forward with stories of sexual harassment and more involving Starlets, major B listers such as LiLo and Kylie and major public figures such as Hillary Rodman Clinton.

The Tom details how an innocent Hotel Suite meeting with Ms. Rodman-Clinton went off track as she locked the door and demanded that The Tom grope her.  She then took off her robe and demanded that The Tom watch her shower.  The Tom was humiliated and somehow intrigued as the shower water came down seductively on her white Pant suit.

The Tom is forever grateful to Ms. Allred, Esq. for her selfless intervention in this matter


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    • tom says:

      In Hollywood, we love a good story. Some may ask how could Tom reach so high. Others may ask how could Hillary stoop so low. But will it gross $100 Million?

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