Who prepared the vile Tom Dossier?

Are all Dossiers as vile as  The Tom Dossier?

[ˈdôsēˌā, ˈdäsēˌā]

a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject:
“we have a dossier on him” · [more]
synonyms: file · report · case history · account · notes · document(s) · documentation · data · information · evidence

Who was the source of this vile collection?  Was it old bitter rivals like Barack O’TomA or Hillary Rodman Clinton?  Or was it new opportunists like Maxine Waters or Adam Schiff-less?  Or is it the deep state headed by Jimmy Comey or Robert Mueller?

Of course anybody who really knows The Tom suspect that he authored The Dossier as The Diversion.

This Dossier is so vile that in one place it even accused The Tom of helping an elderly woman across the street.

See the source image

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