Was Clapper in the Crapper?

Q.   So who is James Clapper?  A.   Dear Leader  Barack O’TomA’s Director of National Intelligence.  He is best known for his biting criticism of The Tom and The Donald.

Now that our hero Robert Mueller has indicted some Russians for meddling going back to 2014, some can only ask “Where was James Clapper when this was going on and Google, Twitter and Facebook were soaking up all the cash that Russia was putting down?”

Evidently Clapper was in the Crapper when this went down and finished up his business when The Donald was elected.

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2 Responses to Was Clapper in the Crapper?

  1. Everyone’s gotta go at some time!

    • tom says:

      And what a great time to catch up on reading National Intelligence Briefings. Are there still Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?

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