Is Baby Archie’s 15 Minutes of Fame over already?

For the last few days I haven’t heard a lot about Meghan “Sparkle” Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby Archie.

Famed PR Man The Tom weighs in.

Who in the Hell picked a century old name Archie?   Weren’t names like Justin, Hamilton, LaTom,, Jesus, Kobe, Logan, Mason, Benjamin, TreyTom or Elvis good enough?

Archie has flamed out faster than a Justin Bieber song.  Or is he destine to chase Veronica like Archie and his dad.

Who ruled out Kayne.  The Tom could have placed a Baby Kanye on “Keeping Up With The KardASShians”  immediately.

Seventh in line for the throne is a hard sell is it 2 fingers on one hand and 5 on the other or visa versa?

The Tom is working on a full service PR proposal to present to the Royal family.  They might prepare by selling a few Castles.

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