David Muir: Fast Talker, but is he a Straight Talker?

Have you listened to News Reader David Muir, I mean Anchor and Executive Editor of ABC World News Tonight?

He talks so fast that the entire Southern half of the country has no ideas of what he is saying.Ā  But by talking so fast he is able to shoehorn in twice as much opinion masquerading as news.

This is very important where criticism of The Donald is essential and time is needed for expert crackpots.

See the source image

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3 Responses to David Muir: Fast Talker, but is he a Straight Talker?

  1. Hmmm – a fast talker hey? Well, he looks pretty easy on the eye, if this pic is anything to go by … lol – not that I would have any idea of course as our political experts do not look like this!!
    Donna šŸ§ššŸ»ā€ā™€ļøā¤ļøšŸ™

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