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Hillary offers secure server service to CIA and others

With the recent hacking of the CIA’s IT network and the subsequent posting of thousands of CIA documents on WikiLeaks, Hillary Rodman Clinton is hawking her secure server service.  This is not some lofty cloud service, but rather a private … Continue reading

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Putin uses Op -Ed to mock Tom’s Exceptionalism

Old nemesis Vladimir Putin has posted an Op-Ed in the  TomVille Times blasting Tom and mocking Tom’s Exceptionalism.  Putin even added God to his blast of Tom. Currently, Tom has hunkered down wrapped in his Exceptionalism awaiting advice from the … Continue reading

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Petraeus resigns from CIA over Extra-Marital Affair and starts work tomorrow at Clinton Global Initiative

General David Petraeus resigned as CIA Director over an Extra-Marital Affair.  Evidently somebody is still spying at the CIA. Former President Bill “Bubba” Clinton welcomed Petraeus to the Clinton Global Initiative saying “lets hit the bars tonight.  I feel lucky.”

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