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Balls upset LaTom James’ quest for an 0-82 season

Just when LaTom James had  an 0-82 LA  Laker record  in sight, he was upset by none other that shadow Coach LaTom “Big Baller” Ball and his son LoTomZo Ball.  Maybe this should be discounted as nobody knows if the … Continue reading

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The Tom to Lonzo Ball “You’re Fired”

After big mouth LaTom Ball issued his ultimatum that if the Lakers didn’t sign Lonzo Ball’s two brothers, Lonzo wouldn’t resign with the Lakers. First of all Lonzo Ball ain’t that great.  Who wants the shoplifting King and College dropout … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un holds The Tom and the free world hostage over haircut secrets

Dear Leader and Barber extraordinaire Kim Jong Un has threatened The Tom and the free world as  nuclear hostages until they reveal the haircutting secrets of LaVar/LaTom Ball and his sons LaMelo and LiAngelo. This may be difficult to negotiate … Continue reading

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LaTom “Big Bawller”Ball blasts The Donald in the Octagon, I mean. Twitter Birdcage

After a self-imposed moratorium for Thanksgiving, The Tom and The Donald came out Tweeting.  The Donald labeled LaTom a Fool and the Twitter war is back on.

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Veteran PR professional tells LaTom Ball to stay in his lane

The Tom a veteran of the PR wars working on the Edsel, Ringling Bros. Circus and Trump approval ratings to name a few unloads on LaVar “Big Bawller” Ball aka LaTom. The Tom says that LaTom needs to lay off … Continue reading

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LaTom urges LaKers to draft Lonzo and LaVar “Big Baller” Ball with 2nd pick

With the will of the ping-pong balls giving the Los Angeles LaKers the 2nd pick in the NBA draft, LaTom is working overdrive to sign the Balls to bring “Schmoe Time” to Los Angeles.  Bringing LaVar in from Chino Hills … Continue reading

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LaTom challenges Big Baller LaVar Ball

Throwing down the gauntlet, LaTom is getting right in the grill of nightmare helicopter Dad LaVar Ball and his Big Baller sneaker produced for his son UCLA dropout Lonzo Ball. When LaTom learned that LaVar set a price point of … Continue reading

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