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Drat. It is back to the old grind

With The Donald signing an Executive Order satisfying those who believe that a family incarcerated together stays together,The Tom wilt be going back to his previous gig of stealing old ladies Social Security and Medicare and pushing them in their … Continue reading

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Barack on Ebola: R-E-L-A-X as TomVille declared an Ebola Free Zone

Taking a page from Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers, Barack O’TomA  told the nation to relax about Ebola.  He assured an anxious nation that the same government that registered O’TomA Care on Healthcare.gov, set up Veteran Administration appointments and … Continue reading

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Rumor: Obama spotted with sign at Freeway exit ramp

An unconfirmed rumor claims that Barack “only adult in the room” Obama was spotted with a sign at the end of a Freeway exit ramp. The sign looked to be the high quality work of the Government Printing Office and … Continue reading

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Obama to Merkel, I need a Payday loan , stat

Increasingly frustrated by his inability to understand how the Social Security Trust Fund works and seared by the blowback on his big lie to Scott Pelley of CBS that there may not be enough money in the coffers to pay … Continue reading

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