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Major Climate Change Announcement

Trigger Alert/Breaking Fake News Alert/Fake News Alert/Attention:  Climate Media Jetting in from New York City where he pocketed some handsome speaking fees, Al Bore joined The Tom at a Presser of major climate implications.  They breathlessly announced that it rained … Continue reading

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Fake News Alert: The Tom tests Antisocial Media sites

Trigger Warning on Fake News Alert. After an intensive 21 minute investigation, The Tom has conclusively determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Antisocial Media platforms such as Fakebook are more interested in users over advertisers.    Furthermore … Continue reading

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Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning:  Major Side Boob.  With proper indoctrination, one can overcome any resistance to the content. The Tom may have found his niche in issuing Trigger Warnings.  99% expected to be  Tweets from The Donald.    

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