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Tom Jinping follows Xi’s lead and abolishes TomVille Term Limits

So after Tom Jinping amended the Chinese Constitution to abolish Term Limits, Tom Jinping had an idea to do the same thing for TomVille where Tom Jinping is President. Even though Tom is wildly popular his advisors cautioned against the … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Erdogan: ” Damn It, I am a Dictator , too”

Claiming that he isn’t getting any respect during Turkey’s riots, Premier , Recep Tayyip (E-Rap) Erdogan said “I am a Dictator, too”.  With this announcement he joined the ranks of the “Button Down” Dictators  that we know and love such … Continue reading

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Where is Xi Tom?

In an eerie parallel to the situation in China where future leader Xi Jinping hasn’t been seen in public since September. Xi Tom was a no-show at a meeting with H-Rod Clinton claiming a pain in the ass. He also … Continue reading

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