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War & Peace

Since the incepton of the United States, we have had 11 major wars.  The average duration of these wars is about 4.8 years.  The intervening peace years have averaged 18.6 years.  Of course, sprinkled in the peace years were minor … Continue reading

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Negative Ads v. Building the Brand

Why is there so much expensive negative political advertising around elections?  Why don’t political parties build their brand thoughout tbe year?  It has to be cheaper and more effective.  Is it any wonder that corporations rarely use negative advertising about … Continue reading

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Going Forward

Enuf Said.  Where are the buzz words police when we need them?  Buzz word creators, lets get busy.

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Extremist Views, Am I crazy?

When exactly did reasoned views that differ become defined as extremist views?  How can one expect to influence others by offering only the basic extremist insult?  Are we looking for the Big Tent for the really Small Tent?  We can and … Continue reading

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