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The Pack is Back – Wait Until Next Year

NFC Championship –  Did the Giants get that much better from Week 2?  At least the Pack wasn’t embarrassed and they are still the youngest team in the League.  For the Giants, it was a clear case of addition (NFC … Continue reading

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Rachael Ray – Who knew she was sexy?

Everybody. I sure wouldn’t throw her out of the kitchen or any other room.    OMG

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Verizon – Reigning Champ in Customer Service Hall of Shame

Yesterday, I had an experience with Verizon’s "customer service" that was by far and away the worst experience I have ever encountered with an organization.  To be specific, I was calling about what should be relatively simple questions about my … Continue reading

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New Hampshire – You lived up to your motto

Live Free or Die           OMG   "It is all a vast right-wing conspiracy."  Ask your psychologist for an explanation.

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Screen Writers Strike – Did Jay Leno show that he was funnier without them?

Hopefully the Screen Writers didn’t watch Jay Leno’s returning monolog.  If so the Screen writer Guild might be getting a bit nervous.  They don’t have a monolopy on funny people.       OMG

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