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Hillary Clinton Bosnia Bravery OMG

I wish I had been so perceptive to write the following.  I found this in the Wall Street Journal of March 29, 2008 where Peggy Noonan quotes a blogger by the handle GI Joe.  Here it goes.  "Actually Mrs. Clinton was … Continue reading

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She is so hot

She had me from the minute I saw her when she started work. It was a love and sex that was so hot it could only be satisfied by placing our bun in her oven,  OMG To be continued

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Wisconsin Badgers Basketball NCAA Tournament – Ouch

Creshed by Davidson.  I guess a #3 Seed was actually too generous.  Enjoying eating crow.   Slow is the new Fast.  OMG   Badgers dispose of K-State 72-55.  It was more of a nail biter than the final score would … Continue reading

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Secretos Great TV

Now that is what I call great TV.  Ahora que es lo que yoi llamo uno gran TV.   Great female lead acting.  OMG

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N.Y. Governor Paterson admits to sex with another woman for years.

It must be something in the water in Albany.  Perhaps Bill Clinton might consider running for Governor of New York.  OMG

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McGreevey Admits Trysts With Wife, Aide – KNBC-TV-

 Anything to get back in the game.  Poor Jim McGreeey misses the publicity.  After all it has been more than 4 years. OMG McGreevey Admits Trysts With Wife, Aide – KNBC-TV-

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McGreeveys to Ashley Dupre and Eliot Spitzer – Top this

An aide to the ex-Gov. of N.J. now claims he had a threesome with James and Susan McGreevey.  They have thrown down the gauntlet to Ashley Dupre and Eliot Spitzer.  Bring it on.  OMG

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Is It too late to bring back Fashion House?

Donna Feldman  OMG’s_new.html

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The Bank Job – Recommended

Check out "The Bank Job" for a good movie.  Based on the recent Oscars, it could be a while before you see one as good.  All it is lacking is a cameo by ScarJo as Princess Margaret. OMG

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Ashley Dupre and Eliot Spitzer enjoy their 15 minutes of fame

OMG  Thankfully, we were spared the tasteful soft porn Eliot Spitzer photographs.    

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