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The Tom tells Kylie to step up her game

The Tom has discovered the mystery woman below who could be a threat to Kylie Jenner and her social media dominance.  The Tom has advised Kylie to step up her game and that she may need show even more of … Continue reading

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Throwback! Kylie Jenner Instagram Post on March 25th, 2019 — Dupe Kylie Jenner Style — Natural Beauty

When The Tom thinks “Natural Beauty”,  the first thought is Kylie Jenner. Or is that Natural Booty? Credit: Kylie Jenner InstagramKylie Jenner was bare-faced with glowing skin, while facing the sun. She was embracing her natural beauty and posing for … Continue reading

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The Tom is first to drop out of Democrat candidates for President

Terrified of being crushed by the entry of New York Mayor Bill de BLAHsio into the Democrat’ Candidates for President, The Tom became the first of soon to be 632 Candidates who will drop out of the race. The Tom … Continue reading

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Is Baby Archie’s 15 Minutes of Fame over already?

For the last few days I haven’t heard a lot about Meghan “Sparkle” Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby Archie. Famed PR Man The Tom weighs in. Who in the Hell picked a century old name Archie?   Weren’t names like … Continue reading

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Kylie Jenner Trowback Pic on May 7th 2019 — Dupe Kylie Jenner Style

This throwback goes way back to May 2019.  That is so far back that it can only be Old School.   Credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram StoriesKylie Jenner posted a throwback photo on her instagram from April. She deleted it from … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Channels ‘Boy On A Dolphin’s Sophia Loren In Sexy Skintight Mini At Met Gala — Hollywood Life and Major TU Announcement

    With bitter rival TomVille State University (TSU) announcing the Heavenly Body Major in the Astronomy  Department,  TomVille University (TU), the flagship university is taking swift and decisive action.  In a major announcement, TU says that it will offer … Continue reading

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Met Gala 2018: A Retrospective of Kylie Jenner’s Heavenly Body — Dupe Kylie Jenner Style — New Major at TSU

With Dupe Kylie Jenner blog below declaring Kylie a Heavenly Body, TomVille State University (TSU) President The Tom announced that the Kylie’s Heavenly Body can be studied in a new major in the TSU Astronomy Department,   ©Getty/Karwai TangA year … Continue reading

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The Tom in negotiations to rename Barack O’TomA Blvd.

Just a  day after Los Angeles Leaders 9not to be confused with Leaders) renamed a 3 mile stretch of Rodeo Rd. to Barack O’TomA Blvd., The Tom approached these same Leaders with a lucrative deal that would include renaming O’TomA … Continue reading

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Celebs College Admissions Scandal: The Tom offers post trial exoneration services

The Tom has quieted  the nerves of Celebrities caught up in the College Admission Scandal with his exclusive Post Trial Exoneration services.  Using some of the same skill sets honed in the S.A.T. where others took the test or papers … Continue reading

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We test ‘spray-on’ PVC trousers loved by celebs for how much squeak and sweat they cause — The Sun

Now that the Sun has approved, we look forward to their arrival at the local mall.  If they don’t work out they can be used for plumbing pipe repairs. SPRAY-ON trousers are one of spring’s hottest – and sweatiest – … Continue reading

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