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Packers, Badgers 10/30-31

The Wisconsin Badgers had a Bye as they inch closer to the Capital One Bowl as opposed to the Poinsettia Bowl.  This was probably the best possible outcome which is to hope teams above you lose. The Green Bay Packers reached back … Continue reading

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Political Commercials so bad I am feeling sorry for TV Execs

The political commercials in california are so horrible, repetitive and downright dishonest that i am starting to feel sorry for TV executives.  It is no wonder that prime time ratings are down across the board.  People want to be entertained and not … Continue reading

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Campaign Commercials, I am going to scream. The Multiplier returns

I am losing it watching campaign commercials.  A lot of this stuff is just gossip and talking behind somebody’s back so we all understand what is going down.  However, Proposition commercials imply some secret expertise.  Take California Proposition 21 which is … Continue reading

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Problem California 12.4% Unemployment, Solution give them pot

California is suffering under a 12.4 % unemployment rate which is about 29% above the dismal US rate.  This is caused in no small part by taxes that are amongst the highest in the nation, stifling regulations and unfriendly business climates from the state … Continue reading

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Badgers and Packers, Rare and probably undeserved double win October 23-24

Taking my advice as the son of Woody Hayes, the Wisconsin Badgers “crushed “Iowa 31-30  behind 38 rushes for a less than stellar 3.7 yards/carry.  But Woody understood math and you only need to average 3.4 yards/carry to make this … Continue reading

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Randy Quaid Has Lost It

Randy Quaid and wife may have lost it.  But did I find a way to add a link?;_ylt=AiG9L91i5MOxY3ELHiwBr_FzfNdFk?

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Boxer Accuses Fiorina of Being the Reincarnation of Laura Croft, Tomb Raider

With Calfironia’ unemployment rate a staggering 12.4% in no small part due to years of Democratic policies of high taxes, bizarre labor laws and extreme environmental regulation,  Barbara Boxer has decided to take on Carly Fiorina accusing her of emulating Laura Croft with … Continue reading

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Packers and Badgers split decision

Looking like polar opposites the Wisconsin Badgers beat the Ohio state Buckeyes 31-18 while the Green Bay Packers lost again in OT this time to the Miami Dolphins 23-20.  And what was the common thread.  It was Woody Hayes.  The Badgers … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance of High Unemployment

What is so exciting about an unemployment rate of 9.6% in the USA and 12.4% in California that voters might vote to retain politicians that have created and maintained these levels.   Does it put food on the table to love … Continue reading

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Does California deserve better than a recycled Jerry Brown or a bitter Barbara Boxer?

Probably not as you get what you vote for.  Here we have two politicians who seem to have absolutely no concept of economics or how jobs are created.  Voters continue to vote for propositions that they don’t seems to understand … Continue reading

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