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Tom issues a Hyperloopy challenge to Elon Musky

Modern day P.T. Barnum, Elon Musky, has put out a challenge to get otherwise bright people to compete for a Hyperloopy  prize.  The Hyperloopy is based on pneumatic vacuum  air tube communications systems in Department stores in the 1950s. If … Continue reading

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Tom declares Elipse the most overhyped, underperformance since…?

Tom said that the eclipse was the most overhyped and overrated event since Tim Kaine was nominated to be the Democratic candidate for Vice President. It was like any other night (except for starless LA).  And at 2 minutes it … Continue reading

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Breaking News: President Mitt Tomney tells The Donald to apologize,

With the wisdom gained by calling out the 47%ers, President Tomney called on The Donald to apologize. How was this news? Tomney has always hated Trump and campaigned against him, Still Tomney is the President from Central Casting.”

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Steve BanTom steps down

The Resistance bagged another trophy in their Civil War against our duly elected Government when Steve BanTom announced he was leaving his largely ceremonial post at the White House. The loathed, but sartorial crisp BanTom leaves a vast hole for … Continue reading

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Tom struggles with the differences between Boyfriend and Mom Jeans

With a final term paper due comparing and contrasting Boyfriend and Mom Jeans.  Could it just be who is wearing them?  Can Moms wear Boyfriend Jeans when they are looking for a boyfriend?   Who told Tom that a fashion … Continue reading

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Mueller to investigate Moscow Mule cups?

The Tom is pleading with special prosecutor Robert Mueller to investigate Moscow Mule Cups for poisons and evidence of The Donald colluding with the Russians. The cups could be dangerous and if it sounds Russian, it could be collusion.  

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The Tom laments the leaks of President’s telephone call transcripts

We have had 45 Presidents and never before has anybody leaked their confidential telephone call transcripts with foreign leaders. Has the vitriol for this President overtaken common sense and the law?  What are the odds of getting others to be … Continue reading

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