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Customer Service Hall of Shame

Any surprises here?  I’ll second Sprint and Verizon, Sprint for their Call Centers and Verizon for poor email tech support.  

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TV Ratings — It isn’t such a mystery

So TV ratings have declined over the past years.  Is it really a surprise  We hear that ad clutter has increased, more reality TV shows. obvious product placements, more coarse dialogue and the networks cotinue to display their irritating bug in the … Continue reading

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What is it in the human condition or society that results in a war every generation and horrible individual acts like the OK City bombing urban gang banging and Virginia Tech shooting?  There don’t seem to be any easy answers.    If … Continue reading

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Edwards’ haircuts cost a pretty penny

 Is this what is meant by 2 Americas?  How about SuperCuts? Quote Edwards’ haircuts cost a pretty penny – John Edwards News –

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Embarrassing Moment for Katie Couric – Will Katie join Don imus on the sidelines?

 Who knew that they didn’t write their own stuff. Quote Embarrassing Moment for Katie Couric – Newsweek Business –

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Sharpton and Jackson flame out in rap crusade

With the fresh skalp of Don Imus under their belts, the world record for a flame out occurrred in the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson crusade against rap artists.  Where was the name calling, press conferences, marches and boycotts in … Continue reading

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Tips on using cell phones in public

This should be mandatory reading for anybody getting a cell phone. Quote Tips on using cell phones in public – Well-Mannered Traveler –

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Democrats campaign against George Bush in 2008

Still smarting from losses in 2000 and 2004, Democrats gear up to campaign against George Bush in 2008 paving the way for President Rudy Giuliani. 

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Headline — Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tackle rap lyrics

With sacraficial lamb Don Imus history, can we expect Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to take on the rap artists?  This might take a bit more work than bringing down Don Imus and Michael Richards.  

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CBS fires Don Imus from radio show

This is kind of a suprise.  I thought money would win out, but evidently it was a tie.  Or was it really Sumner Redstone fresh from firing Tom Cruise who was the man behind the trigger. Quote CBS fires Don … Continue reading

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