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McCain assails Romney on immigration – Great Shot

 Some great quotes.  A few words can say alot. Republican John McCain accused presidential rival Mitt Romney of flip-flopping on immigration Monday and said with sarcasm: "Maybe his solution will be to get out his small varmint gun and drive … Continue reading

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Carter says comments were ‘careless’

 Easy Jimma Carter says comments were ‘careless’ – Politics –

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Auto Industry Woes — Is it also your media choices?

In addition to lackluster designs and failure to adopt fast fashion concepts, we may have a new culpret for the auto industry woes.  They may have fallen for the new media hype to their own detriment.  Sales are expected to hit 18 … Continue reading

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John Edwards — It is time to go (period)

We lived thru your ethical challenges as a trial attorney when you ran for Vice President and your $400 haircuts.  Now you are picking up $480,000 for part time work with a Cayman Island hedge fund where you also have $16 million … Continue reading

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Prince Harry won’t serve in Iraq

 Still gotta give proffs to the Prince Prince Harry won’t serve in Iraq – Conflict in Iraq –

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When did price become price point?

May 9, 2007   Keep the balogna rolling.

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Movies — Give em more of what they don’t want

So why are movies like US cars and TV?  They are giving us more of what we don’t want and they are consequently suffering.  Take a look at the following list of the all time biggest blockbusters on an inflation … Continue reading

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More Oxymorons Join Truth in Politics

The real deals include: Deafening Silence Plastic Glass Airline Schedules Adult Children Jumbo Shrimp Virtual Reality Boneless Ribs Dry Humor Light Heavyweights Questionable Answer

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