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Personal Income Drops Across the Country

All these bailouts are really working:  General Motors, Chrysler, Banks, Fannie, Freddie, sour mortgages, liars loans, tax credits for home buyers, cash for clunkers, “green” incentives etc. ad nausea Personal Income Drops Across the Country –

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CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP

What another $1.2 Trillion anyway.  It is all the fault of those rascal consumers who haven’t paid off their MasterCards. All the Wall Street leverage came to a bad end. What is there to indicate that all this Government leverage … Continue reading

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Tonight Obama started his celecration of a one-term Presidency

There maybe a few flags for unsportsman like conduct for excessive celebration with the penalties to be enforced in November.

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Cornell Big Red vs. Wisconsin Badgers, As Badgers played to their reputation as the slowest team in America, Cornell isn’t awed by lack of speed 87-69

Number 4 seed Badgers fall to 12 seed Cornell and nobody is calling it an upset. Cornell Big Red vs. Wisconsin Badgers – Live NCAA Basketball GameTrax – FOX Sports on MSN

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Census Bureau redefines chump change

Did you receive a mailing two weeks telling you that the Census form was coming?  Then after you mailed your form in as insturcted did you recieve yet anopther mailing asking if you needed help?  Conservatively if there are 100 million addresses … Continue reading

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Would you believe? Selling Obamacare

With deference to Maxwell Smart, “would you believe” some of the Obamacare sales pitches such as:  most of it can be financed from Medicare savings without reducing Medicare services or accelerating the date when Medicare is already due to go broke, … Continue reading

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Fortunately, there is no shortage of villians

Fortunately, the administration has discovered that there is no shortage of villians.  Every problem can be laid at the door step or one or more of the following:  George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Lynn Cheney, Liz Cheney, Sarah Palin, Fox News, … Continue reading

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Antitrust Inquiry Into Monsanto and Roundup Ready Soybean Seed – Is this what we need?

Are frequent and endless investigations of business the way out of the recession?  The investigation of Monsanto and public hearings are just the latest in a string of enhanced anti-trust investigations.  Are businesses eager to invest when there is so … Continue reading

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Badger Basketball…We are slowest

It was with a great deal of alumni pride that I read today that the University of ‘Wisconsin Badgers are the slowest team in college basketball with just 57.6 possessions per game compared tih the fastest Providence at 72.8.  Dubbed … Continue reading

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Ford U.S. Sales Win Is First Since 1998 as GM Shuffles Leaders

Government Motors (GM) is off to a nifty start shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic while Ford picks up the big mo.  Hopefully us tax payers won’t lose too much more before the new Obamamobile (able to travel 40 miles … Continue reading

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