Tom inks deal for Trump for Macy’s Collection for resale on eBay

In a coup unrivaled in retail history, Tom swooped in and scored the entire menswear line Trump for Macy’s for resale on eBay.  Never before in history has the public been more eager to wear this fantastic collection.

Tom opined that these are the perfect items to wear when watching the Miss USA and Miss World contests.  Tom enthused that this was his best buy since taking over the Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest collections.

Like his hero Donald Trump, Tom said this is why he has a new worth in the high 3 figures.

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Just because I have a different opinion doesn’t mean I am a Hater, Denier, Sexist etc.

Far too often the default response to somebody who has a different and reasoned opinion is to label them a Hater, Denier, Sexist, Racist, Lacking Common Sense, doesn’t want to do the right thing or worse.

Since most things except for math can have multiple right answers, it seems that a little tolerance should be in order.

However, extra credit may be earned by agreeing with Tom.

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Enough Already WordPress with the Rainbow Stripe

I have no horse in the Gay Marriage debate.  People can do and feel as they wish.

However, I resent all the in your face stuff like the WordPress Rainbow Stripe and everybody declaring their sexual preference as people cared.  That is you too Michael Sams.

There are huge pluralities on both sides of the issue.  Many have heartfelt beliefs and don’t deserve to be categorized as somebody emerging from the cave,

The Supreme Court has ruled so can be get back to respecting all opinions and keeping the spiking the ball celebrations to a minimum.

And WordPress the stripe has served its purpose and it is time to retire it in respect to people with other opinions.

I am not interested in every homosexual declaring their sexuality any more than I am interested in every heterosexual declaring their sexuality.  It is not news and not all that interesting.

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Declaring “I am a Divider not a Uniter”, Tom announces his candidacy for Democrat and Republican Presidential nominations

Tom appearing before an enthusiastic crowd in TomVille’s Freedom Lost Square declared that he will seek both the Democrat and Republican nominations for President.  Tipping his hand for the campaign to come, Tom declared that he is a virulent trickle down populist and will fund his campaign from the excess earnings of those few souls who got minimum wage increases.

Tom promised that there is no interest or demographic group that he won’t exploit if they can provide even a single vote edge.

Finally, Tom promise that we need to return to the virtues of nepotism noting that a huge number of his family are currently unemployed.

There is a long road ahead until November 2016 and pundits are recommending that people keep their heads down.

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Tom calls for more Government Bureaucrats and Lawyers in fight for income equality

Tom is leading the charge to hire more government bureaucrats and lawyers to fight income inequality.  At the top of this heap would stand a resplendent Tom.

With more law suits and regulations, businesses would not be able to provide and services as they complete compliance reports and spend all their days in court.  Companies may have enough money left to pay one person, the CEO, a $15/hour living wage.

With no money or time left for investment average wages would plunge to a highly equal $0.00/hour.

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Treasury hires Tom as Consultant for new Ten Dollar Bill

The US Treasury has decided to ax old Alexander Hamilton from the Ten Dollar bill and replace him with a woman to be named later.

Not wanting to take responsibility for this decision, the Treasury has engaged Tom as a Consultant and make recommendations on who should be featured.

The first three  candidates were no brainer picks,  Highly successful women from dollar coins Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea were natural choices.  So was the youngest female two-time Democratic Nomination Loser Hillary Rodman Clinton (O Boy, I get 50,000 new $10s for every speech !).  But how could one make a choice from such a deserving group?

It was then that Tom had an inspiration with a vision of TomVille’s First Daughter TommySue with deep, deep, deep cleavage enlivening the front of the bill.

Tom conducted informal polls of potential voters coming out of Gentlemen’s Clubs and they unanimously approved of TommySue for the $10.


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LaTom James poised for a Triple-Triple in NBA Finals Game 6

The pressure is on LaTom since he declared that he is the greatest basketball player ever confirmed by an Executive Order from Barack O’TomA.

The Triple-Triple (Triple digits in scoring, rebounding and assists) (200 points, 100 Assists, 600 Rebounds) is relatively rare in basketball.

LaTom is scheduled to play 240 minutes in the game.

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Tom debunks Climate Change “Settled Science”

Tom wonders what was responsible for the earth’s climate cycles as recently as the Middle Ages Little Ice Age.  Now temperatures are rising a bit and the “Settled Science” is that it is carbon that is the culprit.

But the Carbon Age is relative recent and “Settle Science” doesn’t seem to have answers for all the previous climate cycles.

But Tom knows that any recent temperature increases can only be caused by the Settled Science known as Kate Upton.  That’s Hot.

Image result for kate upton

Pope Frances asks “Based on new evidence provided by Tom, is it too late to change my climate encyclical?”  “Wow, that’s Hot.”

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Bill Clinton might give up paid speeches if Hillary elected President

Bill “Bubba” Clinton now says that he might give up paid speeches if Hillary “Rodman” Clinton is elected President.

So, vote for Hillary to shut Bill up.

Of course the operative word is “might”.  He might give up his Bimbos too.

Image result for bill clinton speeches  Image result for bimbos

Tom tells Bill that if Hillary ever cuts off his Bimbos that he “has his back”.


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Top 20 Hottest Legs In Hollywood


Who does the ratings? After Tina Turner who isn’t in Hollywood it isn’t that outstanding a Field.

Originally posted on DailyCrawler:

She’s got legs and she knows how to use them.

Some female celebrities are synonymous with hot and stunning legs.
Here is a look at 20 celebrities who have the hottest legs in hollywood.
20. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana  has appeared in a number of films, including, Center Stage, Pirates of The Ca… –

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