Election In Turmoil: Tom uncovers instance of Clinton telling the truth

With just 12 days before the election, The Tom has uncovered evidence that Hillary Rodman Clinton once told the truth.  In an Elementary School class, she allegedly told the teacher and class mates that she was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Il.  This could throw the election into total turmoil.

Clinton has carefully built her brand telling lies, half-truths, embellishing the truth, skirting the truth, shading the truth and parsing the truth.  Her record in this area is unblemished from cattle future trading, Whitewater, Rose Law firm billing records, Travelgate, defending Wild Bill, HillaryCare, under hostile fire on Bosnia tarmac, Benghazi, Libya policy, Syrian policy, Iraq policy, the use of a private email server and deleting government records.

The Polls, Media and Hollywood celebrities have convinced the American people that they want an experienced liar in the White House.  The people have been denied for over 45 years since Richard Nixon abruptly left the job.

Is it too late for Clinton to disavow telling this truth?  Just pity the poor American people who had their hearts set on having this liar in the White House.

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Exclusive news that could scramble Presidential race

With less than two weeks left before the Presidential election, this blog has an exclusive that could totally disrupt the election.

“The Truth…” has learned from dark sources in the George Soros organization that in an effort to hedge his bets, The Tom applied for a position in a potential Clinton Administration and Hillary Rodman Clinton approved the hire herself and immediately deleted the email.

The Tom was promised a position as “Fair Share Administrator”.  Tom was promised unlimited resources to accomplish his goal of a Fair Share as 100% marginal tax rate on all income over $41,001 per year.

Despite his admirable goal, the existence of a dark Tom as a mole may be enough to sink the sunny Clinton Campaign.

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Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction has The Tom wondering

One of America’s darlings this past Saturday night in Vegas suffered not one but two wardrobe malfunctions.  With the help of her backup dancers she powered trough.

First the strap broke forcing poor Britney to hold the bralette and its lovely contents up with her hand.  Then later a zipper on the back of her body suit split.

The internet has gone wild.

This has The Tom wondering if he had a wardrobe malfunction if it would further boost his Presidential campaign.  “Should I show a little check or a little check?” wondered the Tom.


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Celebrate Similarity not Diversity

People tend to like people like themselves.  So why are we celebrating Diversity rather than universal Similarities of all people.

Emphasizing differences among people are tools of politicians and other divisive individuals.

I guarantee you that if you start two lists, one for people’s differences and one for people’s similarities, the Similarities would win out by a huge margin.

All people have the same physic and physical characteristics.  The saying that we all bleed red is so true.  People have the same aspirations for themselves and their families.  We all have the same fears.  I think you get the gist that people are inherently the same and if that is understood, people will get along better.

Besides the emphasis on Diversity isn’t working all that well so maybe it is time for a little out of the box thinking.


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Tom scores 3rd Presidential Candidate Debate

Incredibly, with just over 1 hour before the Debate is scheduled to start, Tom has officially scored the debate as a huge win for Hillary Rodman Clinton.  Tom called it a walk off home run, a drop the mic moment, a 100% to zero effort.  All the while the sound tract from the Trump video played in the background on a continuous loop.

Quick, call 911, Tom is channeling John Podesta

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Apology Accepted

Today someone very special accepted Tom’s long overdue apology.

Many observers put the number of apologies that Tom still has left to  make at over 1.3 million.  That does not count the readers of this Blog.

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Does The Tom have video of The Donald grouping The Rosie?

As Gloria Allred rolls out her familiar campaign of asserting facts not in evidence, pundits and a blood thirsty media wonder if The Tom really has video of The Donald grouping The Rosie (O’Donnell).

“That is the $Million question”, demurred The Tom.

Besides, Joe Biden has already declared The Donald guilty.  This is the same Joe Biden who grouped the Defense Secretary’s wife at the podium.

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A diminutive Ruth Bader Ginsberg sacks The Kap

Streaking in and evading his protection on a corner blitz, US Supreme Ruth Bader Ginsberg sacked Colon Kaepernick for a huge loss when she called his protest “dumb and disrespectful”.

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The Tom washed The Donald’s mouth out with soap

After the ever loyal Tom washed out The Donald’s mouth with soap. The Tom declared him ready to go.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being average Middle Schoolers talk, how bad was the Donald?

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Tom places Clinton in Hyperbaric Chamber

New Hillary Rodman Clinton operative, The Tom, has placed Hillary Rodman Clinton into the Hyperbaric Chamber so she is fresh and rested for the 2nd Presidential Debate.

Tom is recommending that staff state to the public that Clinton does not have any public events scheduled so she can study up for the debate.

Notice the deep democrat blue.

“O Sh**, I think I lost the key”, mumbled The Tom.

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