Clinton calls Tom Brady’s Personal Assistant

Hillary Rodman Clinton placed an urgent call to Tom Brady’s Personal Assistant to se if he knows how to break servers or if is limited to smart phone destruction.

The job pays a living wage of $15/hour plus transportation to Chappaqua.


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The Tom signs on to head PR for Clinton Web Services (CWS)

In a surprise move former Trump Protégé The Tom is set to take over Public Relations for Clinton Web Services (CWS).

Hitting the ground running, Tom has green-lighted a documentary highlighting the rise of CWS from a single server in  the basement of the Clinton house in deep in the ghetto of Chappaqua, NY to a server for email that can’t be penetrated by the State Department, NSA, Congress or the FBI.

Next up is a TV series  with the working title Madame Server as envisioned below.

Finally Tom is planning a makeover for Hillary Rodman Clinton herself where she will be seen mainly in 7″ heels, micro mini dresses with more that a hint of cleavage.

“Let’s Rock” bellowed The Tom.


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Tom announces: Deal for “Trump Collection for Tom’s Inc.”

Soon after the chickens at Macy’s announced that they were dropping the Trump Collection for Macy’s because of his free speech comments, The Tom entered negotiations with The Donald for the new summer collection of Make America Great Again Ball caps.

These caps are must have for women and men and will burst the coffers of The Tom and The Donald.

Image result for making america great again baseball caps  Image result for miss usa contest  2015

The Tom tells the Donald, “If you think we are making a killing now wait until we license them with Making TomVille Great again”

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#Curvy Ban on Instagram


Finally, a cause we can all believe in. We are at a critical juncture and need to take a stand.

Image result for curvy 

Originally posted on Curva:

Instagram’s ban on #curvy
Anybody using the social media platform Instagram knows about it’s protocols on nudity: since the #freethenipple campaign became a success the debate over the portrayal of women’s bodies is a topical one.

Instagram is taking another precaution to try and control images that may violate their terms. This time a block on certain hashtags. In particular the hashtag #curvy has come into the spotlight and is now unsearchable on Instagram!

Curva invited an Instagram spokesperson to comment, they said: “The decision to block this hashtag has nothing to do with the term “curvy” itself…In this case, #curvy was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.”

It isn’t a completely logical explanation but it does raise some questions. The hashtag #skinny isn’t banned for instance. Is being curvy synonymous with being overtly and explicitly sexual? You can also find pornographic content on a…

View original 115 more words

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Tom: “At least with Trickle Down Economics there was a trickle”

Tom speaking to an enthusiastic overflow crowd in the TomVille VFW hall  railed on the economic policies of the Barack O’TomA, Hillary Rodman Clinton and Bern Baby Bern Sanders troika.

Tom thundered ” Check the interest you earned on your savings.  Believe me it is less than a trickle.”

With low-interest money flowing freely to Wheelers and Dealers, Crony capitalists and the new entitled class, government bureaucrats. Tom is alleging that there is nothing left for the trickle.

In closing, Tom hit a historic note yelling “Give me a trickle or give me death.”

Image result for trickle down economics                    Image result for trickle down economics


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Tom favored to replace Rosie Perez on “The View”?

Professing an admiration of and devotion to Barbara Walters, Barack O’TomA, Hillary Rodman Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Cosby, Tom aced his interview with network executives to replace Rosie Perez on The View.

Tom will bring much-needed diversity and inclusion to The View while still sticking the party line.

“I won’t be no Elizabeth Hasselbeck”, roared Tom.

Image result for the view

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Clinton trolls Facebook to communicate with young gay boy

Who knew when a picture and story of a young gay boy was posted on Facebook that Hillary Clinton would be surging the web and make heartwarming comments that went viral.

Tom growled look at him does he really know about his adult sexuality at this age?, That his life would be miserable before the Clinton intervention.  Calm down Tom or you will be kicked off WordPress.

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Fresh from consulting on the Greek No on Everything Referendum, Tom cautions “Save your Deutsche Marks”

With little time to gloat over his role of being the principal political consultant on the Greek “No” Referendum, Tom quickly change hats as Chairman, CEO and President of “The Tom Hedge Fund”.

Barking orders to his staff, Tom said “let’s go long on the Deutsche Mark and short the Drachma”.

Image result for deutsche mark  Image result for drachma

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Hillary gives populist response to hard hitting CNN Reporter’s ice cream question

At a Hillary Rodman Clinton Presser on July 3rd at a NH Ice Cream Parlor, she was asked the tough question that is never asked of Republican candidates.  The CNN reporter asked what was her favorite flavor of  ice cream.

The populist and defender of the middle class and author of Hard Choices said “I like everything.”

Image result for ice cream

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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

At the pinnacle of Tom’s political consulting career, he has taken of the Greek No, No How, No Way campaign designed to pad his coffers and stick the Germans with the tab.

Tom wondered, “Where has Greece been all my life?”

Image result for trojan horse



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