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The Finer Things in Life

I was never one to stop and smell the coffee as it were.  Thought I was too busy.  But now, I can understand the virtues and appreciate blue skies, starlit nights, sand on the beach, rain,  parks, music, fall colors etc.  A … Continue reading

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Green Bay Packers Thankful for Detroit Lions 34-12

Pack gobble up the Lions on Thanksgiving.  The burning question is whether they will run out of bad teams to play before the end of the season. 

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Nothing more scientific that a Congressional Investigation.  Will this put a dent in Al Gore’s multi-million dollar fear empire or will he merely have to re-tool his marketing message to include both global warming and global cooling.?  Bring back the … Continue reading

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Green Bay Packers Squeeze By 49ers 30-24

The Pack tried mightly to give it away at the end but failed.  Who knew that there woujld be enough bad teams for the Pack to be 6-4.

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Wisconsin Badgers fall to Northwestern 33-31

Now Northwestern students are’t just richer and smarter, they also are better football players.  A embarrassing Bowl bid is in Wisconsin’s  future.

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United States public debt

The one area where Obama has proven that he can implement change is in accelerating the US debt from the miserable record of Bush.  With China holding 23.36% of US Treasuries, one could make the case that the USA is … Continue reading

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China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform

Memo from Barack to Rahm:  Was it Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid who was supposed to get our Banker on board on this? James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs |

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Green Bay Packers Stun Cowboys

A mere week after I declared the Green Bay Packers dead,  preformed the autopsy and determined that they fell victim to self inflicted wounds, they rose from the dead and shocked the Dallas Cowboys 17-7.   For the Cowboys, losing to … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Badgers crush Michigan 45-24

Who would have thunk it?   It just proves how far Michigan football has fallen.  And for Wisconsin a short window of pride before the Dallas Cowboys crush the Green Bay Packers on sunday.

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U.S. deficit sets October record of $176.4 billion

If memory serves me correctly, consumer debt was cited along with greedy bankers as the cause for the great recession.  . Hopefully this man is tan and rested.   U.S. deficit sets October record of $176.4 billion – Politics-

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