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Gore takes warming warnings to Congress – It is easier than cranking down the AC at the mansion

Pleezzzzz Al.  We will all start to listen when you energy bill matches the average 1,500 sq. ft. box in the suburbs.  It is the AIT. Gore takes warming warnings to Congress – Climate Change –

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Saddam Hussein Management Guru

Are you nostalgic for the tried and true management insights provided by Sadamm Hussein?  He was definitely underrated as a management motivator.  Consider the truths: Differentiate your market segments (Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis) Clear communication (shape up or else) Low tolerance … Continue reading

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Media world eyes Viacom-YouTube slugfest

 While this is likely little more than petty cash for Google, it helps define the battlegield and who owns the high ground. Media world eyes Viacom-YouTube slugfest – U.S. Business –

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More Green Hypocracy

Could it be that the old middle class is really the carbon heros here?  Perhaps there is a better way to solve the problem than harranges from the rich and famous.

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Sprint Customer Service — An oxymoron

Sprint where is the love for your customers?  Why is so difficult for your call center and store staff to aplologize and attempt to improve things?  Even going thru the motions would be an improvement.

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