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Castro endorses the dream ticket of Clinton and Obama

Enuf said.  Michael Moore for Secretary of HHS.  And perhaps Norman Hsu for Attorney General.   See official dictionary definition of shit eating grim below. 

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Poverty by City – We can report this better given half a chance

 Talk about your need for a good daily newspaper to give this some context.  Many of the poverty cities are college towns with poor students.  I don’t hink Florence-Graghm is even a city but rather a poor district in Los Angeles … Continue reading

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iVillage TV – The world is coming to an end

I was flipping thru the TV dial when I cme across iVilliage TV on the local NBC affiliate.  There was some woman in a very low cut top pontificating.  They switched to a woman who was monitoring chat who said … Continue reading

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Apogee and PayPerPost – What a racket

I want to grow up to be a Ho for Apogee Search and PayPerPost.  Pay for favorable blog reviews, what a cocept.   See the Wall Street Journal Small Business Link on August 27, 2007 

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Arabic Public School Draws Protests – Say what?

 I want the tax payers to pay for my school.  Please make the check payable to …….   Arabic Public School Draws Protests – MSNBC Wire Services –

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Extremist Views – Political Definition

Extremist views = Any views that one disagrees with   What happened to negotiation, compromise, pragmatism, best of both worlds, respect for opponent, analyis, common courtesy?  

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Speed of Business – Is that the problem or solution?

 We hear alot about the speed of business with instant decision via the cell phone and Blackberry 24/7.  Is this the solution or symptom of the problem?  Could it be in the interest of competitive speed, business and government have … Continue reading

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More offshore outsourcing perks – Ruining your brand – Mattel issues new massive China toy recall

Add fatally ruining your brand to the long  list of offshore outsourcing disadvantages.  Hard to quantify on your spreadsheet.  Mattel issues new massive China toy recall – Consumer News –

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Bill & Hillary Clinton – Just a few questions please

 For Bill, do you think history would have changed if Monica Lewinsky had just swallowed?  How much of a hottie was she?   For Hillary, please name the individuals who comprise the vast right wing consiriacy and why are they … Continue reading

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Tipping –Let’s take back control

 Who died and made her Queen.  I think we hould decide how much to tip not let some "taste setter" decide.  Also, the author needs to note that most servers are covered under state minimum wage laws that may be … Continue reading

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