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CNN Political Ticker: – Clinton congratulates Palin « – Blogs from

Boldly striding off the frozen Alaskan tundra, a modern day Annie Oakley by the name of Sarah Palin accepts congratulations from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton with Bill Clinton leering in the background. CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time … Continue reading

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ABC News: Obama Speech Stage Resembles Ancient Greek Temple

German Chancellor and Presumptive Greek Philosopher Barack Obama announces a Toga party in an effort to capture the working class vote.  This party planning is definitely not above my pay grade chirped a ebullient Obama. ABC News: Obama Speech Stage … Continue reading

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Are Obama and Biden Losing It?

Despite solid evidence that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are losing it, some folks consider it charming.  Since winning the Democratic nomination, presumptive story teller Barack Obama and presumptive VP hard luck Joe Biden continue to think, act and speak as if … Continue reading

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Obama and Biden

In a bold move to cover up his lack of experience and accomplishments, German Chancellor, World Renowned Motivational Speaker and Teleprompter Reader Barack Obama named fellow plagiarist Joe Biden as Presumptive Vice-President.  Both Gentlemen are currently combing the speaches of … Continue reading

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The Tax Foundation – Oil Company Profits and Tax Collections: Does the U.S. Need a New Windfall Profits Tax?

Circling the drain, German Chancellor and Presumptive Energy Czar Barack Obama has snatched the old windfall profits tax chestnut from the 1970s fires.  You might check the facts in the article below, but I think most of us know in … Continue reading

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Who are these heretics? Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor’s Business Daily — No Contest

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College presidents seek drinking age debate – Life-

I am not sure if my memory serves me correctly back in the day when Wisconsin had legal beer drinking at 18.  There was a lot of drinking and drinking and driving, but not likely any more than now with … Continue reading

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Deborah Howell – Obama’s Edge in the Coverage Race –

But he was sooooo new, we couldn’t help our self.   In all seriousness, the Republicans should get off the media bias kick.  First of all most people already know this and second and more importantly the more publicity Obama gets … Continue reading

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Audacity Of Obama’s Padded Résumé | Sweetness & Light

"This hit peice is obviously the work of the biased Republican leaning mainstream press and so old politics."  said  Presumptive German Chancellor, World Surfing Champion. Saddleback Church Pastor, Bronco Head Coach, Rockies Manager, crowd advance man, best selling Novelist, Oscar winner, magazine … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Smooth Talker Award

Yesterday German Chancellor, World Surfing Champion, Presumptive Saddleback Church Pastor and Presumptive President Barack Obama proved that he is indeed the smooth talker in this campaign.  Under withering questioning from former Pastor Rick Warren, Obama in a heart warming and … Continue reading

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