Tom will take the 5th at his IRS Tax Audit

Taking a cue from his Mentor and Hero Lois Lerner, Head of the IRS Exempt Organization Division,  Tom announced that he will be “Taking the 5th” at his upcoming tax audit (or was that drinking a 5th?).

Tom said, “I am outraged.  This is necessary to increase transparency and accountability and allow enough time for the get away car to arrive.”


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2 Responses to Tom will take the 5th at his IRS Tax Audit

  1. No, no, you misunderstood. You take a fifth TO your audit, toast the health of the auditor, and keep toasting until HE’S toasted. You get him to sign your clean bill of monetary health, then you just walk home – because now you’re so swizzled, you can’t even find your CAR, much less the keys! 😀

    • tom says:

      I’ll drink to that. There could be a business opportunity/profit available for the IRS. IRS After Hours Clubs

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